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NN publishes books to accompany exhibitions or as artworks in their own right. You can own titles from our back catalogue!

Title: Irka Irka
Artist: Flávia Müller Medeiros
Editor: Catherine Hemelryk
Design: Åbäke
Printing: Dent-De-Leone
Exhibition: Political Toasts
Conversations between a Brazillian artist and a young Belarussian student from the politically displaced European Humanities University in Lithuania.

Title: Lasts
Artist: Vasco Araújo
Texts: Vasco Araújo, Colin Perry
Editor: Catherine Hemelryk
Design: Andrew Smith
Printing: Spell Creative
Exhibition: Story Telling
An installation by Portuguese artist Vasco Araújo captured in a book with photographs of labelled lasts and a story following the relationship between a cobbler and his clients. The book includes a critical essay by Colin Perry.

Title: The Predicates
Artist: Ben Moor
Editor: Catherine Hemelryk
Printing: Printbar
Exhibition: Jonbar Archaeology
The Predicates is set in a parallel Northampton where you can take the zepplin up the A-Bahn. Ben Moor considers what our reality is predicated upon (and refers to a Belgian film). The book is inspired by the way many alternate history books claim to be documents from parallel universes and it involved layers upon layers of documents from parallel universes, which were about documents from parallel universes.

Title: Memorability as an Image
Artist: James Smith